May 2019 Tampa Bay Yacht Masters ( announces the formation of Greenworld Environmental Alliance as a non-profit organization with a mission to provide innovative solutions to protect, preserve and enhance the environment concerning hydrocarbon (oil and fuel) cleanup. The Greenworld Environmental Alliance engages in research projects as directed by donors to create optimized methods at the least cost and toxicity possible when cleaning oil and fuel spills from land or water. De-Oil-It has been instrumental in this quest for safer environment cleanup; the industrial concentrate strength of De-Oil-It reduces large scale remediation activities from normally over 3 months of effort down to 2-3 weeks. Originally, De-Oil-It was strenuously tested under the guidance of Tampa Bay Yacht Master’s “Environmental Protection Program” (EPP), before extending the testing through the non-profit organization the Greenworld Environmental Alliance that provides a platform for degreaser product vendors and environmental service organizations (remediation) to concentrate their expertise (in the lab and in the field) to concur best approaches for more innovative and effective solutions cleaning and sustaining the environment.