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For RTU (Ready-to-Use) formula we recommend our DILUTION GUIDE to select a customized product dilution ratio that fits your specific task needs; we formulate the dilution ratio into the packaging you select (spray bottle for 22 ounce, jugs for 1, 2.5, 5 gallon product, 55 gallon drum, and 275 tote).

For ISC (Industrial-Strength-Concentrate) formula you are purchasing the full non-diluted edition of De-Oil-It, used in remediation projects and complicated hydrocarbon contamination clean-up; you would definitely want to consider our DILUTION GUIDE or customize your product ratio on site according to your observations and testing (hydrocarbon contamination PPM, parts-per-million, to determine your most effective ratio which is effected by viscosity and other such factors). PLEASE NOTE UNTIL END OF SUMMER WE REQUIRE 500 gallon minimal order for ISC…. The difference then between ISC and RTU is RTU formulas are customized to the dilution ratio you select while ISC is FULL STRENGTH (you customize at your cleanup site)

Click on REQUEST LIST to view your selection(s) of product(s) for your request for quote, this then acts as a kind of shopping cart. The Request List is on the website’s menu list. After populating the request list with products (and quanties) you will then fill in a form so we can email a quote which includes tax (for Florida residents / businesses) and shipping (we will select the best method and price for this quote).

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Showing all 9 results