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This website has been modified to process quotes only., and is intended for customers wishing to purchase in bulk quantities requiring freight shipping in most cases. If you are desiring to purchase De-Oil-It in smaller quantities we recommend buying from our distributors Tampa Bay Yacht Masters or JBenterprise.

Click on REQUEST LIST to view your selection(s) of product(s) for your request for quote, this then acts as a kind of shopping cart. The Request List is on the website’s menu list. After populating the request list with products (and quantities) you will then fill in a form so we can email a quote which includes tax (for Florida residents / businesses) and shipping (we will select the best method and price for this quote).

In other words this site is for quoting not buying online. We use this site for those wishing to order in quantity. We will send email to confirm quote.

For RTU (Ready-to-Use) formula we recommend our DILUTION GUIDE to select a customized product dilution ratio that fits your specific task needs for 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum, and 275 gallon tote; for sizes 22 ounce, 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon products the dilution ratio is preset to 4:1 (water to De-Oil-It). Dilution does not mean reducing the capability; water activates De-Oil-It and by premixing a cleaning solution it makes it much easier for a wide range of our customers to simply POUR, SOAK, and RINSE. (Soak time increases effectiveness of cleaning because De-Oil-It can degrade more of the hydrocarbon contaminant).

For ISC (Industrial Strength Concentrate) you are purchasing as the name would suggest a concentrate and therefore non-diluted formula. For remediation projects, or variety of cleaning projects, or economy of scale; ISC is the best choice so that you mix water to a dilution ratio best suited for your cleaning needs – refer to our DILUTION GUIDE for recommended dilution ratios (water to De-Oil-It); once you mix to the ratio you desire we recommend letting the cleaning solution (De-Oil-It plus water) rest for 30 minutes before proceeding with POUR, SOAK, and RINSE cleaning process.

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